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sexology/sex therapy masterclass

Clinician's Guide To Liberating Sexual Desire

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Marisol G. Westberg

Hello, I'm Dr. Westberg

Welcome to “Sex Therapy Masterclass,” a professional development opportunity designed for psychotherapists seeking to enhance their practice through specialization in sex therapy.

I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a Certified AASECT Sex Educator, and a Certified Sexologist.

Previously, I served as a Professor in the Marriage, Couple, and Family Therapy Program at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon, where I developed and led the Sex Therapy Track.

My role included coordinating education for aspiring sex therapists and overseeing the clinical training of students.

Over the years of practice, I have developed a model that I call “The Fuck Sex Model.”

It is a holistic approach to sex therapy focusing on personal and relational barriers, which include individual and relational trauma.

The “Fuck Sex Model” provides a framework for intervening with most sexual issues (desire discrepancy, infidelity, performance issues, anorgasmia, non-monogamy, sexual compulsion, and sexual violation).


The Fuck Sex Model​

Merging my insights with professional expertise in sex therapy. 

Discover an innovative model born from overcoming real-world challenges, designed to enrich your therapeutic approach and client relationships. 

This blend of journey and methodology offers the tools and inspiration to specialize and thrive in sex therapy.

Why Take This Course?

Benefits of Sex Therapy

Course Outcomes

Technique Mastery

Learn and apply new strategies for various sexual concerns, boosting your targeted care capabilities.

Certification Progress

Earn AASECT and NBCC CEs to advance towards certification and specialize in sex therapy.

Dynamics Insight

Learn and apply new strategies for various sexual concerns, boosting your targeted care capabilities.

Practice Growth

Acquire skills for specialized services, widening your client base and enhancing practice development.

What People Say About The Course

“I genuinely enjoyed your approach and informative videos that really break down the different elements of sex therapy as someone only just getting started in the field of MFT. "
"Your course is wonderful! I learned so much! Thank you for putting it all together and offering it."
“As a presenter, I felt you were very grounded, down to earth, knowledgeable and easy to watch for two days - which says a lot! I really appreciate your humaneness.”
"I really enjoyed your training. We work with a similar population, and everything you said resonated so much! It was validating to hear another professional have similar views and approaches. I took a lot of notes and feel empowered continuing to work with my couples. Thank you so much!"
"I loved your course, thank you so much!"

Course Outline

Computer for online learning
  1. Common Issues in Sex Therapy
  2. Common Approaches in Sex Therapy
  3. Taking a Sexual History
  4. What Influences Sex?
  5. Fuck Sex Model
  6. Societal Discourses Overview
  7. Challenging Societal Discourses in Sex Therapy
  8. Non-Romantic Wounding
  9. Inner Child
  10. Relational Trauma
  11. Parts Work
  12. Healing from Sexual Abuse
  13. Staying with Feelings
  14. Performance Anxiety Interventions
  15. Performance Anxiety Case Example
  16. Desire Discrepancies Interventions
  17. Desire Discrepancies Case Example
  18. Infidelity Interventions
  19. Infidelity Case Example
  20. Non-Monogamy Interventions
  21. Non-Monogamy Case Example
  22. Sexual Compulsions Interventions
  23. Sexual Compulsions Case Example

The Only Course You Need To Become An Effective Sex Therapist

I’ve put everything I know about sex therapy/couple’s therapy theories and techniques into this course.  

It has everything you need to know in order to treat the wide range of issues in sex therapy.

Earn 12 AASECT and NBCC Certified CEs

AASECT Certification

Here's What You Get​

24 Hours of Video/Audio Content

Dive into 24 hours of immersive video and audio content, offering an in-depth exploration of sexual therapy concepts and practical applications for enriching your professional skills.

Step by step guidelines

Step-by-Step Intervention Strategies

Embrace the transformative power of structured guidance with our step-by-step guidelines, unlocking a more effective and empathetic approach to navigating the complexities of sexual health and therapy

Spontaneous sexual desire

Real-World Insights: Step-by-Step Case Examples

Explore detailed, step-by-step case examples that illuminate real-world applications of sexual therapy techniques and client transformations

($397.00 Original Value)

Work at your own pace

Distance Learning

This program can be integrated into Specialist, Expert, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degree curricula and tailored for postgraduate studies (Master’s or Doctoral levels).

Sexologist Course For Certification​

This course provides you with 12 CEs to apply to your sexologist certification.

Achieving a sexologist certification offers an alternative path to becoming a sex therapist.

The American Board of Sexology outlines specific requirements for this certification.

While a detailed list can be found on their website, I have captured the Essentials For Becoming A Sex Therapist

Sex Therapist Certification

This course provides 12 CEs to apply to your sex therapist certification.

This course qualifies towards the 60-hour training requirement for sex therapy certification, incorporating specific techniques and interventions.

Up to 30 hours of this requirement can be fulfilled through online training, aligning with the course’s format.

What Is Different About This Course?

The course is based on the innovative Fuck Sex Model, a comprehensive framework developed through a decade of private sex therapy practice. It stands out by focusing on practical, effective interventions for sexual issues, addressing a gap in traditional sex therapy education. While open to all interested learners, it’s particularly designed for therapists seeking advanced training in this area.


To become a sex therapist, while certification isn’t mandatory, possessing a mental health license and demonstrating competency in sex therapy are essential. Acquiring specialized knowledge through various educational resources, such as sexology courses, books, and online content, lays a solid foundation. Additionally, opting for a certification, like the one from ABS for $169, provides an entry point with less stringent requirements than others. This certification, along with a profound understanding of couples therapy and sexual dynamics, equips you to effectively address a wide range of sexual issues. For a deeper dive into embarking on a career in sex therapy, explore our guide on how to become a sex therapist, offering detailed insights and pathways to enhance your practice.

Identify barriers to satisfying sexual relationships. CK B; CK C; CK E

Identify social factors contributing to sexual dissatisfaction. CK B; CK C; CK E

Identify familial factors contributing to sexual dissatisfaction. CK B; CK C; CK E

Identify relationship factors contributing to sexual dissatisfaction. CK B; CK C; CK E

Name general/typical approaches to sex therapy. SC A; SC B; SC C ; ST A; ST C;

Name common issues in sex therapy. CK I; CK P

Increase personal comfort level when discussing and addressing a wide range of sexual issues. CK O;

Describe issues pertaining to the LGBTQ+ communities and sex therapy. CK F; CK D

Prepare and analyze sexual history. SC A; ST A; ST C

Connect meaning making to emotional wounding/trauma. SC A;  ST A; ST C

Identify emotional wounding/trauma and create themes to use in healing. SC A;  ST A; ST C

Identify sexual abuse markers and create intervention plan through the use of sex therapy.SCA; STA; STC; CK J