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Marisol G. Westberg

Hello, I’m Dr. Westberg, based in New York City, specializing in sex therapy with qualifications including board certification in sexology (ACS), sex education (AASECT), and New York State licensed couples counseling (LMFT). My practice aids individuals and couples with various sexual issues, emphasizing a comprehensive approach that challenges conventional views on sex and incorporates trauma-informed care. With over two decades of experience, I aim to help clients achieve their sexual and relational goals, promoting shame-free, healthy sexual relationships.

How I Became A Sex Therapist

Sex therapy chose me during my search for a dissertation topic, sparked by a friend’s experience that intrigued me due to its implications on perceptions of intimacy and safety. This led me to write “The Colonization of Sexuality.” Later, despite no direct experience with sex therapy clients, I was offered and accepted a faculty position at Lewis and Clark College to teach sex therapy. My journey into specializing in sex therapy in my private practice was driven by a desire to understand and address the societal judgments and shame associated with sexuality, emphasizing the value of creating a safe space for exploration and healing.

What is Sex Therapy?

Sex therapy goes beyond modifying behaviors and thoughts; it confronts widespread myths and adopts a comprehensive strategy. A crucial aspect involves aiding individuals in recognizing and managing emotional triggers and past traumas, as achieving significant change requires addressing these deeper emotional layers.

Couples/Marital Issues in Sex Therapy

In sex therapy, addressing relational dynamics, communication, conflict, and emotional wounds is essential, with couples therapy playing a key role. This integrative approach is vital for effectively managing sexual issues. Utilizing various couples counseling methods allows for a comprehensive treatment strategy. For those in NYC seeking deeper insight into couples therapy and its impact on sexual health, further information is available to explore.

What to Expect From Sex Therapy

Sex or Intimacy Therapy integrates the principles of individual or couples therapy with a specific emphasis on sexual matters. It addresses a range of sexual issues such as performance anxiety, infidelity, non-monogamy, sexual compulsion, discrepancies in sexual desire, and sexual trauma providing a comprehensive approach to improving sexual health and intimacy.

Therapeutic Modalities I Offer

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

Attachment Based Therapy

Polyvagal Theory & Somatic Therapy

Emotionally Focused Therapy

Internal Family Systems Therapy

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Trauma Therapy 

Informed by Queer Theory,  Transformative Justice, Feminist and Intersectionality 

Trans-Affirming Care; Informed Consent Model (WPATH and ICATH considerations)

Gottman Informed Couples Counseling

Wheel of Consent (Betty Martin)

Dialectical Behavior Therapy 

What Is Therapy Like With Me?

Understanding the root cause of how you view your sexual issue is pivotal in my role as a sex therapist, given the strong cultural influences on sexual norms and values. My approach is multifaceted, using various therapeutic techniques to address the emotional, cognitive, and relational aspects tied to sexual concerns, ensuring changes align with your genuine desires. I prioritize creating a supportive space, embracing all identities and lifestyles, and promoting a sex-positive perspective.

Common Sexual Concerns

Reduced Desire For Sex


Difficulty Becoming Sexually Aroused

Erectile Issues

Difficulties With Orgasms

Rapid Orgasms

Communicating About Sex With Partners

Improving Boring Or Routine Sex Lives

Partners With Different Degrees Or Types of Sexual Desire​

Concerns About What Turns You On or Who Turns You On​

Being Sexual With A Partner /A History of Trauma Or Sexual Abuse​

Sexual Addiction​

Out of Control Or Compulsive Sexual Behavior

Problems With Body Image

Trouble Experiencing Pleasure

Sexual Pleasure Or Functioning/ Physical Challenges Or Chronic Illness

Concerns about your sexual orientation or preference​

Gender transitions​

Alternative relationship styles​


Navigating Non-Monogamy​

Sexual Violence​

How to Choose a Sex Therapist in New York City

When searching for a sex therapist in New York City, prioritize finding one with expertise in couples therapy and sex therapy to ensure comprehensive assistance. Exercise caution with sex coaches, as they might not address complex relationship dynamics thoroughly. Important questions for potential therapists include their experience with relational trauma and methods for managing sexual desire discrepancies. Opt for therapists who employ a holistic approach, covering behavioral, cognitive, relational, and contextual elements, alongside healing from past traumas.

Sex Positive Therapy

Good Vibes

Seeking a sex-positive therapist means finding someone who not only understands and is open about sex but also celebrates it, rooted in the sexual liberation movement. However, it’s crucial to choose a therapist who respects all expressions of sexuality, including having minimal or no sexual desire, to avoid the judgmental pitfalls of both sexual repression and a misinterpreted sex-positivity movement that may pressure individuals to conform to a specific type of sexual expression.

What Does A Sex Therapist Do?

A sex therapist aims to help you identify and achieve your romantic and sexual desires while addressing obstacles that hinder you. Like any couples therapist, they work on improving relationship health, recognizing that many sexual issues stem from relational dynamics.

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