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Taking A Sexual History 1.5 CEUs

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How To Do A Sexual History That Will Give You The Information You Need

In this course, students will learn how and when to take a sexual history.  Students will understand the importance of taking a sexual history and how to use the information to inform therapeutic interventions. 

The course is short and involves watching a 10 minute video, practicing techniques, and readings.

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify typical ways to take a sexual history STA
  2. Identify alternative ways to take sexual history STA
  3. Identify when to take a sexual history STA; STC
  4. Name questions that help gather a sexual history STA
  5. Name developmental stages in sexual history  CKB 
  6. Describe the importance of wounding in the history STA; STC
  7. Describe how one can identify wounding STA
  8. Name questions for each sexual stage CKB
  9. Describe ways to ask about sexual abuse CKO; CKJ; STA
  10. Describe ways to expand the definition of sex CKF
  11. Identify questions to ask if you don’t get the information you need STA
  12. Identify questions to ask about present sexual experiences SCA
  13. Identify the influence of meaning-making/identity/value in sex therapy. SCA; STA; STC
  14. Utilize questions and framework to take sexual history SCA
  15. Increase comfort level when discussing and addressing a wide range of sexual issues. CK O

Taught by Marisol G. Westberg, Ph.D.