Sex and Relationship Therapy

Helping You Navigate The Path To Deeper Relational Understanding And Intimacy.
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Not at all, many issues relating to sex are rooted in individual histories, experiences, and pain points.  

The first 60 min intake session is 350.00 and any sessions thereafter are 250.00.

I don’t bill insurance directly but I can provide you with a receipt which we call a Super Bill.  This receipt will include a procedure code of 90837 or 90847.  You can call your insurance company and ask them how much they will reimburse a 90837 or 90847 procedure code with an out of network provider

I do but those slots are limited and have a waiting list.  

Plan for an hour even though the sessions are 50 minutes.  We may go over sometimes.

I am only offering online sessions via Zoom.

It depends on the issues you are facing.  Treatment will be longer if you need help healing from relational or individual trauma (about a year) and less if you just need to tweak some thoughts and behaviors around sex (about 3 months).

I am well aware of the fact that therapy is expensive, so the assumption is not to have weekly sessions unless you really need it.