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What Is A Sexologist?


A sexologist is an expert who engages in the study and training of sexology, which encompasses the exploration of human sexuality both on individual and relational levels. The field of sexology is diverse, including clinical sexologists who may work directly with individuals or couples to address sexual concerns and dysfunctions. On the other hand, some sexologists dedicate their careers to education, aiming to provide comprehensive sexual education to various populations. Others focus on research, contributing to the academic and empirical understanding of sexual behaviors, orientations, and health. This multidisciplinary field combines elements of psychology, biology, sociology, and medicine, offering a broad scope for professionals interested in the complexities of human sexuality.

What Is A Clinical Sexologist?

Sex Therapy

A clinical sexologist is a professional who specializes in sex counseling, helping individuals and couples understand, accept, and meet their sexual goals.

I am a clinical sexologist as well as a licensed therapist.  

What Do Clinical Sexologist Do?

Sexologist To Do LIst

How To Become A Sexologist

There are no regulations as to who can call themselves a sexologist.  You don’t need to be licensed.  However, if you are going to be helping people with their sexual issues, you should find sex therapy training.  

Sexologist Certification

If you decide you want to get certified as a sexologist you need to have a masters degree in a field that includes the study of sexuality and have experience and supervision as a sexologist or sex therapist.  You can find more information on ACS and ABS.

Sexologist Vs. Sex Therapist Vs. Sex Coach

Sex therapists are licensed psychotherapists who specialize in sexual issues. They provide sex therapy to people who are struggling with issues related to sex or sexuality. A sex therapist needs to be licensed to practice therapy.  It is a heavily regulated field.  You don’t have to be certified to be called a sex therapist, but those who are certified are regulated by AASECT.  A sexologist and a sex coach do not need to be licensed, and state licensure boards do not regulate them.  They may or not have Masters degrees in a psychotherapy field.  However, if you find someone certified, they will most likely have a Master’s degree and some education in sexuality.  Sex coaches can be certified by World Association of Sex Coaches (WASC) and sexologists can be certified by ACS and ABS.

How Much Money Do Sexologist Make?

You will make a lot more money if you have a private practice.  Depending on where you live and your experience you can make anywhere from 80.00/hr to 350.00/hr.  Most therapists can only see 20 clients per week because the work is very demanding.  You do have to factor in that you have business expenses including taxes that you wouldn’t have if you worked for somebody else.  But you will make anywhere from 45,000 to 60,000 per year working for someone else.

Become A Sexologist

Improve your therapy practice with our online course designed for therapists entering the field of sex therapy. This detailed program provides 24 hours of video content, case studies, and selected readings to broaden your understanding of sex therapy. With 12 AASECT CEUs, it allows for self-paced study and offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. 

Sexologist Course For Certification​​

Please visit The American Board of Sexology for specific requirements for this certification.

  1. A finishing degree (BA, BS, MS, Ph.D., Psy.D., Ed.D. etc..) in Sexology, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Sex Education or related, or a certificate in Sexology, Sex Coaching, Holistic, Somatic,  Tantric, Sex Therapy or related sex therapist field, or practicing sexology within the capacity of a private practice, organization, corporation, college, school, or therapist setting.
  2. Background Check
  3. Two Peer Reviews