Sex and Relationship Therapy

Helping You Navigate The Path To Deeper Relational Understanding And Intimacy.
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All my sessions are conducted online.  There are many benefits to online sex therapy as well as limitations but it has worked well for myself and my clients in the last two years.  

Couples Sex Therapy

Online couples sex therapy is very effective.  It is many times more convenient to use an online platform when multiple individuals are involved.  I have had many clients log into our sessions from different places.  I have had one of the partners call me from work when the other is home.  I have had one partner running late and login from the car.  I have had couples login together while they take care of their young children.  The examples of why telehealth is beneficial for couples are many.  The cost is 250.00/session.

Individual Sex Therapy

Some people wonder whether sex therapy can be conducted with just one person and the answer is YES. I have many clients that want to work on their sexuality/personal issues while having no sexual or romantic partner(s). I also have clients that are involved in a romantic/sexual relationship, that want to work on their individual issues that they bring to the relationship. Lastly, I have clients who I see individually due to issues that come up during our couples therapy.  The cost is 200.00/session.