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"I have been seeing Dr. Westberg for almost two years now, and she single-handly helped me change my life around. I had been seeing therapist regularly for about four years before meeting Dr. Westberg. I had been struggling with an anxiety disorder that left me trapped in my house most of the time, and needless to say, my quality of life was pretty poor. Within about six months of working regularly with Dr. Westberg, I was able to stop taking medication and manage my anxiety on my own. Within the last year of working with her, I have completely changed my life around. My anxiety no longer rules my day to day routines, and I can say with complete confidence that Dr. Westberg's approach to treatment was crucial to my recovery. I highly recommend her services to anyone in search of a mental health provider. She is an extraordinary doctor, and I am forever grateful for her graciousness, compassion, and professionalism during our time together."
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"I worked with Marisol during a major transition in my life after leaving a 12 year relationship. I found her patience and skill set perfect for my journey. Recently, I had major surgery and was home bound for many months. And when I reached, she again reached back. Marisol's life experience combined with her educational and technical skill helped me learn what I needed to be a better person. It's rare to meet someone who's living their life purpose and helping others in the process... That's who Marisol is and what she does. I am on my journey now, but Marisol helped me learn to fish, and I am grateful to her for that."
"Marisol is terrific! I highly recommend her"
"I have seen other counselors and have also worked as a therapist and began seeing Dr Westberg when thing were getting rough in my marriage. She was patient and kind and it was great to see her individually while we sorted through things in our marriage separately. She asked open ended questions about my values and needs to help me realize my own strengths and needs as well as how I could accept discomfort during this difficult time. I also like that as I got better (as well as my marriage) she initiated reducing sessions (other therapy has dragged on forever when it wasn't needed). I have recommended her to friends and really value her nonjudgemental and experienced approach."
"Marisol played a huge role in my process of learning to accept myself / come out as transgender. I hardly know where to start. First off, she did a wonderful job of making me feel comfortable steering the conversation wherever I felt it needed to go. She was always very good at listening and remembering details from the dozens of things we discussed, which is a remarkable ability. Second, guilt and shame are just about the last emotions possible around Marisol. I was surprised at how quickly I felt comfortable opening up about things I've never told anyone about. Last, Marisol does a wonderful job of balancing out how much of herself she brings into her sessions. I felt that she was as much of a "blank canvas" as a professional therapist ought to be, but without ever losing the ability to bring her own experiences to the table in a very humanizing way that made me feel like she could understand what I was going through on a more personal level. Oh, and even when I moved away she was eager to reconnect just to see how I was doing! "
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"I have been seeing Dr. Westberg on a weekly basis for approximately one year. Initially, I came to her for help contemplating difficult task of ending my marriage, and to deal with the feelings of guilt, shame and remorse associated with divorce. Dr. Westburg's thoughtful guidance and support was instrumental in making it through the most difficult time in my life. Her kind demeanor, and practical, even-handed approach made facing some very difficult issues bearable. I consistently leave my sessions with her feeling resolved and hopeful, armed with strategies to cope with, and overcome the issues I am facing. "