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Couple’s Therapy NYC

Couple's Counseling NyC
Couple's Counseling NyC
Couple's Counseling NyC

Couples therapy offers tools for better communication, conflict resolution, and increased intimacy.  Couple’s therapy intervenes with relational dynamics that cause faulty communication, conflict, and resentment.  

Is Couple's Therapy Effective?

The research states that it is, particularly when the therapists use Emotionally Focused interventions.  In my 20-plus years of experience, I have seen many couples achieve more harmony, understanding, intimacy, and joy.  Out of 10 couples, I estimate that 7 achieve these results.  What makes one couple more successful than the other, is commitment to therapy and willingness for self-reflection.  Barriers to success are addictions, unresolved trauma, and lack of trust in the process.  

How Much Does Couples Therapy in NYC Cost?​

The rate for an experienced couple’s therapy in NYC can range from $200.00 to $400.00.  

Do Insurance Companies in NYC Reimburse for Couple's Therapy?

Most therapists are out of network due to the low reimbursement rate from insurance companies but you can ask for a superbill to submit to your insurance company.  Checking with your insurance provider before scheduling a session is a good idea.  Ask them for the reimbursement rate for procedure code 90847.  

How To Find A Couple's Therapist or Relationship Counselor in NYC?

Unless you have a referral, going through all the therapists on Psychology Today is daunting.  Here are some tips to make it easier:

  1. Filter for “marriage counseling” and “emotionally focused therapy”
  2. Filter for the highest price you can afford.
  3. Filter for gender, if you have a preference.
  4. Pay attention to photos, if they don’t take the time to have a nice picture, their practice will reflect that.
  5. Choose someone with an LMFT degree as they specialize in couples therapy.
  6. Check out their websites to see if what they say speaks to you
Couple's therapist NYC

When Should We Seek Couple's Counseling?

You may think that you have to wait until you have a serious issue to make an appointment, but couples therapy can be a good idea when you want to maintain or enhance what you already have.  These are the most common reasons people seek out my help:

Infidelity/Betrayal Trauma

Sexual Disatisfaction


Healing From Trauma

Difficulty With Communication

Depression, Anxiety, Compulsion


Pre-Marital Counseling

Life Transitions


  1. Discussions are spiral and get more intense as time progresses
  2. You are feeling a lot of resentment
  3. You bicker a lot
  4. You have lost trust
  5. You have lost desire
  6. You don’t feel connected
  7. You don’t feel valued
  8. You feel your partner has left the relationship
  9. You are struggling with commitment
  10. You want to open your relationship

You go by yourself and work on the things you bring to the table.  It’s good to see a couples counselor because they can intervene on the relational dynamics.  Your partner may change their mind down the road.

No, but that is something to talk to your therapist about.  I’ve had many individual sessions with my patients that are undergoing couples counseling

The most effective approach for couples therapy is Emotionally Focused Therapy and Trauma Focused Therapy.

No!  There are many forms of relationships that are not the traditional couple.