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Holding Feelings

If you are going to share your wounds from the previous exercises, you need to feel safe.  This is how you create safety: 1. Speak about yourself and your feelings rather than about the other person or your thoughts. “I feel like a failure rather than you are never happy with me.” 2. The person […]

Changing Expectations

Write down what makes sex good for you aside from the physical pleasure. Think about all the good sexual experiences you have had. Show each other this list and decide together what your new set of expectations and values are for sex. Is good sex going to be determined by penetration and orgasm or by […]

Flirting Favorites

Flirting is just someone saying, “I like you.” There are so many ways to let someone know you like them. What are your favorite ways of having someone tell you they like you? Think about all the times people have flirted with you. What are your favorite ways? Write them down and share them with […]

What Did You Do At The Beginning?

Think about when you first met. What did you do to get the other person to like you and eventually have sex with you? Did you show up in sweatpants, without a shower, and in a foul mood? Probably not, because that would not get you laid. We often think that sex should happen after […]

What Input Do You Want?

The first step in this course is to stop having sex you don’t want to have. This is a temporary step because, eventually, you will be able to have sex you don’t want to have every once in a while. Right now, we want to eliminate the pressure to have sex, the guilt, and the […]

Understanding Your Wounding

Feelings are functional because they tell us about our world. But when there is wounding, then the feelings become irrational and don’t accurately represent our world. 1. Anytime you get a big feeling, ask yourself: Why does this matter to me? Why does this upset me? Why do I care? What does it mean to […]

How Do You Cope?

Our coping behaviors help us move away from distressing feelings -they save us from distressing feelings. However, reacting or coping with distressing feelings can sometimes make things worse. Distressing feelings can become more intense when we avoid them, numb them, or run away from them. Also, numbing feelings don’t allow us to heal from the […]

Couple’s Therapy NYC

Couples therapy offers tools for better communication, conflict resolution, and increased intimacy.  Couple’s therapy intervenes with relational dynamics that cause faulty communication, conflict, and resentment.   Is Couple’s Therapy Effective? The research states that it is, particularly when the therapists use Emotionally Focused interventions.  In my 20-plus years of experience, I have seen many couples achieve […]

Sexual Desire: It’s complexities and practical interventions

Sexual Desire: Its Complexities And Practical Interventions Factors Influencing Sexual Desire Social Discourses Age, education level, and socio-economic status can influence attitudes and expectations towards sex as well as the level of stress and exhaustion. Societal discourses regarding sex and love can influence sexual desire greatly. Physiology Hormonal changes that occur in menopause and pregnancy, […]

11 Myths About Sexual Desire to Stop Believing

11 Myths About Sexual Desire Myths about sex often lead to confusion, frustration, and conflict. By thinking critically and dispelling common myths about sexual desire, we can reduce frustration and conflict. Myth #1: Sexual Desire is Constant The belief that sexual desire should stay the same regarding quantity and quality is harmful because it is […]

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Partner Doesn’t Desire You

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Partner Doesn’t Desire You Lack of sexual desire is often difficult to navigate or understand.  There are multiple reasons why this happens and often it is not just one thing but a combination of factors that tend to be interrelated.  I am providing simple things that you can do when […]

Best Sex Therapy Books To Promote Healing

Best Sex Therapy Books To Promote Healing Do It Yourself Sex Therapy Making a list of the best sex therapy books took a while but I feel like I’ve created a treasure chest.  These books are my favorite books of all time.  They will help you increase awareness and give you tools to change how […]

What Is Sex Therapy? Benefits, Techniques, How it Works

What Is Sex Therapy? Benefits, Techniques Misconceptions About Sex Therapy 1. It is only about sex Sex therapy delves into more than just sex, focusing on the deeper issues that affect sexual satisfaction.  2. It is only for couples Sex therapy is not limited to couples; significant progress can be made in individual sessions. It […]

Embracing Intimacy: Overcoming the Shadow of Sexual Abuse

Embracing Intimacy: Overcoming the Shadow of Sexual Abuse Sexual abuse extends beyond physical aggression to encompass actions such as making inappropriate remarks, initiating unwanted physical contact, and using someone’s image without their permission. If an encounter leaves you feeling violated or sexually exploited, it is probable that you have experienced a form of sexual abuse. […]

Sex Expectations Lead to Sexual Problems

Sex Expectations Lead to Sexual Problems My client Harry’s experience sheds light on the pervasive issue of unrealistic sexual expectations among young adults, fueled by societal messages and peer anecdotes. Harry, influenced by his friends’ claims of their sexual prowess, struggles with the reality that his sexual responses are not as indiscriminate or readily commanded. […]